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Thank you to ALL who donated to

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Project


Together we packed 120 Boxes!!

Pastor's Welcome

I want to wish you and your family and friends a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  

It is so good for us to take a moment and give thanks to Almighty God for the many ways He has blessed each of us.  Let us be grateful for the many individuals in our lives who help us in so many ways.  We ought to be mindful at a time like this of our generous God who has blessed us with many freedoms we enjoy as a nation.  Let us remember too to ask God to help us help those who are suffering in any way at this time from the loss of a loved one, or ill health, or some emotional suffering. I am especially grateful at this time for a wonderful Parish Community who have been so enriching to my life.  Enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving!

Peace of Christ,

Fr. Phil

Family Fall Fest


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Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:
First Friday of the Month 3:00 - 5:00 PM


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